Dust collection systems with standard equipment used in industry vary for food applications. In food processing applications, these common materials such as sugar, flour and spices are used as micronized powder and these powders are explosive. In food processing, fine dust particles obtained from mixing and blending are spread to the working environment. The dust collectors suitable for the food industry are designed for food processing applications such as these. They are used to catch dust from applications used instead of cereals, flour and sugar.

In the dust collection systems used in the food industry, measures are taken against the explosion pressure of the explosive dust and the preventive measures are taken. It is present in systems containing chemical extinguishing measures against the risks of exacerbation of dusts. At this point, ensuring the safety of the plant and its employees is the most important issue. With our highly efficient filter materials, 99.9% of the particles are removed from the air stream. Cleaned air is directed to the atmosphere or selected location.

There are alternative options for food processing applications and we can help you determine the most suitable solution.