FTA - Jet Pulse Bag Filter

Jet Pulse Bag Filter

Bagged jet filters are used in industrial plants to keep dust particles formed in the production line and spread to the environment and to convey these dusts to the desired point by separating them from the air. They are generally preferred as central dedusting for all suction points. They can be used in almost all sectors and all processes. They have a variable structure depending on the dry and humid state of the dusts. They can be used as a final filtration or pre-filtration with other filter systems.

They increase the indoor air quality for the working staff. At the same time, they help protect the outside air quality. Suction capacities and filter material to be used are determined by the manufacturer according to the nature, chemical structure and density of the sucked powders. General dimensions are specially designed according to operating conditions.

In some processes, it is used as a dedusting filter and in some processes, it is used to transfer the product and air to the production line of the product during the air transfer. They act as a separator.

These filters have steel structure bodies. The filter materials, which are selected according to the process in the body, work as a whole with the pouring equipment, compressed air air injection system and electronic timer control systems required for transferring the dusts to the desired location. Dry type dedusting systems are the most efficient systems. These filters have a efficiency of 99.9% and are used up to 2-3 micron grain size.


The technical characteristics of the filter units vary according to the facility and the process.

♦ Capacity range from 2,000,000 m 3 / h to 1,000m3 / h
♦ Dust concentrations up to 2-3 microns
♦ Temperature range from + 20 ° C to + 260 ° C
♦ In dust emissions containing acidic and basic chemical gases
♦ They can be used in flammable, explosive and combustible dust concentrations.


The body and accessories of the filter unit can be designed differently according to the plant requirements and are generally;

♦ Welded or bolted construction
♦ Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel or plastic housing
♦ Air inlet and outlet with standard or special flange
♦ Automatic or manual dust discharge
♦ Special bag and cage structure
♦ Smart Electronic Timer
♦ ATEX compliance

· Carbon or Stainless steel body
· Air Injection System Complete
· Dust Inlet and Clean Gas Outlet Flanges
· Filter Top Railing - Staircase
· Galvanized Coated Lattice-Venturi
· Filtering Bags
· Min. 60 ° Powder spill
· Spill Bunker Care Covers
· Electronic Timer Unit
· Surface Treatment Epoxy Paint
· Special design for flammable-flammable dust
· Explosion Safety Covers
· Co2 Fire Extinguishing System
· Bunker Lower-Upper Level Measurement
· Multiple Spill Bunker
· Body Sandblasting or Coating
· Filter body Isolation Works
· Gas Heating or Cooling Works
· Gas Flow Measurement System
· Chimney Output Dust Imaging System