Dye gases and solvent-containing pollutant gases are produced during the painting or surface treatment of metal or plastic equipment. In such processes filtration systems are required to keep the dye powders in the environment and remove them from the solvent-containing gases. Wet or dry type systems can be used according to the process condition. In addition, because the dust particles scattered to the environment in processes such as paintings create highly harmful chemical contents, their filtration and removal of the contaminated pollutants will vary according to the other materials. It is not possible to participate in waste dry materials or waste liquids. Dust collection systems with standard equipment used in industry are not suitable for these paint applications and different types of filter materials are used. These solvents, which are common in paint processing applications, are explosive and take precautions accordingly.

In dust collection systems used in the paint industry, protective measures are taken against the explosion pressure of the pollutants containing this solvent and the personnel. It is present in systems containing chemical extinguishing measures against the risk of flammability of the solvent. At this point, ensuring the safety of the plant and its employees is the most important issue. 99.99% of the dust particles are cleaned from the air flow with our high efficiency and exproof systems. Cleaned air is directed to the atmosphere or selected location.

Alternative options are available for paint processing applications and we can help you determine the most suitable solution.