As FTA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, we have been producing all kinds of dust collecting systems, pneumatic conveying systems, gas and odor filtration systems, big-bag filling and discharging systems and industrial type special equipments. service. We constantly follow our past experiences and developing technological innovations and offer these innovations to the service of our valued customers. We act with customer-oriented service approach by constantly renewing our product portfolio with reliable and high quality products considering the price and competition conditions.

The biggest value of our company is customer satisfaction. It aims to understand the needs of its customers and provide them with the best quality and best price conditions in the most appropriate conditions. We not only realize the dream of infrastructure developments of the companies we work with with each project, but also contribute to their growth and progress. We help them as partner companies by trying to respond to all demands of the companies we work with. We are trying to help our customer in all kinds of conditions by providing all kinds of technical support regarding the issues that are not included in our business. We must say again that the biggest value of our company is of course customer satisfaction.


We offer the optimum solution for our valued customers about Consultancy, Project, Planning, Production, Installation, Commissioning, Emission Tests and Service Services. In principle, not only on time delivery, reliable interface, compliance with the process and effective project management with the guaranteed value of the system after the completion of the commissioning process for our customers with the successful service we provide.

The products and equipment we have used in our products are preferred in Turkey and abroad with their quality and performance, and we are able to coordinate projects, production, installation and on-site services with our solution partners around the world.


We are committed to excellence and quality in our products and services.


We work with our customers and partners to achieve the common goal.


We are right and our actions and our words are consistent. We act honestly and in all our actions.


As we are reliable, we deliver the projects at the promised time, while maintaining the highest standards.


Acting in compliance with laws and ethics within the sector in which we operate, adopting a participative and transparent management style, prioritizing integration with the customer, constantly investing in research and development by giving importance to innovation and creativity, acting in this direction knowing its responsibilities to society, the state and the environment. is to become a company that increases its targets by moving its vision forward day by day. We also share the values; honesty, loyalty, pride, ambition, claim, imagination, creativity, realism, tendency to change, team spirit and perfectionism.


To be a pioneer and the best place in every area we serve, to be preferred by consumers, to be sensitive to the environment, to respect the rules, to think creatively and innovative, to reflect the latest technology to its products, to be trusted, to always be a reference company and to reach these goals. Our principle is to provide customer satisfaction by making our services in the best quality and fast way.