• Aktif Karbon Granul

FTA - Aktif Karbon Granul

Aktif Karbon Granul

The activated carbon cartridge filters produced in this cylindrical structure are designed to provide high capacity air purification with their compact dimensions and minimum pressure drop. The cartridge body is made of expanded sheet steel, carbon steel or stainless steel. The inside of the cartridge is homogeneously filled with activated carbon granules. They are easily assembled and disassembled with 3-pin pins at the end of the cartridge filter and the mounting apparatus that is produced in accordance with this claw pin connection. It has a leak-proof gasket on the front and provides complete sealing where it is installed.

They can be used in almost all fragrant gases. their carbon efficiency varies depending on the amount of scented gas. They can be used for thousands of different scents. The carbon filler cap is opened, the carbons are discharged and filled.



These granular activated carbon filters are generally placed homogeneously spread in the filter unit. Due to the better pore distribution, these activated carbons have a high level of gas retention in the purification of scented gases and miscellaneous gases at low and medium concentrations.

It is 3-4mm in size as granules and many carbon cartridges and cartridge plates are filled with these granules.